NEED Help in Redux JS

I know the frameworks very well just like Angular JS . But when I learn the React and Redux so confused What actually work of the components. i didn’t understand it. Please !! what is workflow excute in react and reduxjs. Please explain. Can you explain with some exmaple some easliy get the working architecture of the React and Redux.

Do you understand React basics? Or are you completely new to React?

The docs are so good, I was able to implement my own state container, similar to redux. If you still have trouble, let me know.

After this, there is another thing to learn called ‘react-redux’ (the glue that puts them together), which I wasn’t too pleased about, honestly. But once you get react and redux, it’s not bad

Fairly understand the concept. not completely .

Have you read the docs for React and Redux? Have you tried to build small simple apps yet in just React?

No, it’s needs to do the create some apps and then start fcc.

You could build the apps in Angular if you wanted too. You don’t have to use React (if I recall correctly)

Ok, Thank you.I can see the docs then tried the see the next level of code

Just message me if you have issues