Need help in some case :(

I am a kid of 13 and I just learn HTML and CSS along with JavaScript. I can build web pages though. what I want is to create mobile applications with HTML CSS and javascript in the form of apk files. I am totally dumbfounded. what should I do next? I went to Make Android app from HTML Code - Convert HTML to APK for Free where it showed an error and wasn’t working properly. if you are able to find out the error be glad to post it here. this is the section about the code error -

<!DOCTYPE html>



<style type="text/css">
		body {
	background-color: white;

.buttons {
	width: 23.333333333333336%;
	height: 10vh;
	background-color: orange;
	border-radius: 10%;
	margin: 5vw 5vw 0 0;

#all-item-container {


#template-bar {
	text-align: left;
	font-size: 20%;
	color: lime;
	width: 100vw;
	height: 20vh;
	background: lightcyan;


	<link href = "calculator.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css"> 



<body id = "body">


<div id = "all-item-container">

	<div id = "template-bar" > </div>

	<button id = "one-button"  onclick= 'mainbar.innerHTML += "1" ' class = "buttons" > 1 </button>

	<button id = "two-button" onclick = 'mainbar.innerHTML += "2" ' class = "buttons"> 2 </button>


<script src = "calculator.js" type = "text/javascript"> 

var button1 = document.getElementById("one-button");

var mainbar = document.getElementById("template-bar");

button1.onclick = mainbar.innerHTML += "1";





this is just a mock calculator and I was just testing stuff. thet thing is that this project add 1 2 12 to the template bar.

that was the code. it works normally in a webpage like chrome but in appsgeyser it shows an error and it does not add the numbers 1 2 to the main template bar and the template bar remains blank. I reckon there may be some issue with appsgeyser cuz I don’t think so that appsgeyser is legit.

I went on to work with adobe PhoneGap which said the same. here what issue I was facing is that I did not understand why it said in adobe PhoneGap as

– no application packages have been built at this time

this may mean that they are in the process of building or that the developer has not issued a built yet. when I look into the adobe PhoneGap community for help it shows access denied the webpage could not find that and that goes for all the topics in the adobe community for me I don’t know why.

I just wanna build applications with HTML CSS and javascript as apks. I am dumbfounded on what to do I have no idea what will I do next in programming even if I learnt the entire javascript but it won’t help till you create some web applications

Now, some people may say that javascript is not for building apps or stuff and to switch onto java or something but the problem is that I’ve learnt these three languages and I am more determined to work on it. I could switch to java I know i don’t know how to make applications and how to use android studio hopefully I may find some tutorials on youtube.

I could host a website as that’s what HTML CSS and javascript are mainly for, but the thing is, neither I or my parents could afford money for programming.

I don’t know what to do next. I don’t want all my knowledge wasted into nothing. I want to build mobile applications with HTML CSS and javascript. I know all that the lot. Please guide me on what to do next if there are some experienced programmers

what do you mean? what happened?

I throw your code in a HTML validator, and it said between other things
Error: The text content of element script was not in the required format: Expected space, tab, newline, or slash but found v instead.

this is breaking error and may be the cause of why it broke

the project’s objective was to add 1 2 like that to the template bar but in appsgeyser it wasn’t working. and when I put it into a normal editor like sublime text and load it into a web page, it works all fine

maybe appsgeyser is just stupid. maybe i am stupid to use appsgeyser. i am thinking that appsgeyser doesn’t work with javascript and it only does with HTML and css

To add on to the error Ieahleen mentioned: Why do you have e src for the script and code in the script?