Need help making divs same height bootstrap 5

Hi, I need some help making two divs same height,check “Vrajeala 1” and “Vrajeala 2”, the transition is harsh because they have different height (harsh only on high width display).

I have another problem with hamburger menu, I want to close it if you click any button within, tried using js for adding display: none; but the transition is gone, it’s working but there’s no transition (you can check it on codepen). Is there a way to do this using bootstrap without js?

If you want the divs to have the same height, make the images have the same height OR give a the div a specific height in the first place.

For the hamburger… well I mean the hamburger button itself has a bunch of attributes for it’s behavior. Maybe try adding those to the menu-buttons? Like data-target or so? Those supposedly tell the on-click event of the hamburger, to do the transition and as such, can be added to multiple buttons. So that could work.