Need Help - Navbar jumping

Looking for help with my Landing Page. It passed all tests apart from the navbar staying at the top , first its to short and if you scroll they jump and stick to idk what .

Any guidance would be much appreciated.
And sorry for my bad english

Specify the project link as well? And navbar is supposed to stick to the top when you scroll right?

Thank you for your answer,
What do you mean with specify the project link?
And yes, the problem is that the sticky navigation bar is too short, maybe half the screen, and once I scroll it fits. but when I scroll up again it jumps up and down …

I meant which certification project is this? Provide the link for that? Also I’m sorry I didn’t understand what the error is after checking it.

Add a width:100% to the #navbar Does that solve your problem?

Omg, thank you, yes thats the solution.