Need Help on Hello World

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Hello, im new to coding could use some help. currently stuck on the first step i have replace the H1 with Hello World on open & closed for H1

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<"Hello World">Hello</"Hello World">

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you need to use the h1 tags, and only change the text “Hello” to “Hello World”

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thank you!. now realize not to touch the brackets.

:slightly_smiling_face:no problem

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you can (and should in the end) touch the bracket. But if you want to change the text, you have to change the text in between the two tags :slight_smile: . the brackets make it easier for the reader to make sense of your work as well as it provides some semantics :smiley: . Happy coding!

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I am new here and am stuck on this first project.
I want to go to the next project.
I need help please.

Where are you stuck? =) I can help you I think

I am also having trouble with this initial test. I have input the words Hello World in between the brackets. However, when I hit run test, nothing happens other than it saying running test. I don’t get the option to submit. Is the site running slow at the moment?