Need help on how to start this project

Hello fellow programmers, am making a Truebill app but as a webapp and not a mobile app. The issue here is I don’t know where to started it from, it’s a 2 man team, me the backend developer and the other person the frontend developer, we are going to make the webapp using Python since its what we know already. I’ll gladly share more info about this project.

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Hi @qtips!

It would be nice if you shared some more information about this project.

Why are you building this project? Who is it for? A client? A personal project? Are you looking to build just an expense tracker or are you looking to build a clone of TrueBill itself? If you are cloning TrueBill’s app why is yours going to be different or better?

I know you said you were planning on building this using python but would you be willing to learn other languages if the project called for it?

Its a class project and its a group project. We are using python because thats what most of us know Python. The app is basically like this, the user inputs what his/her subscription services are and our app will let users know, when their due date is, which apps are more frequently use(I think this feature might a little too hard for us but we will give it a try), alert users know due date is coming up either by emailing them or text message. My problem is, I have no clue where to start it from.

Oh ok cool. Well first off I would tackle one small step at a time.

For this part, I would just keep it simple and not try to replicate the entire application of truebill with just a two person team. Instead I would simply have the user create an account and have them list out these items.

User:Jane Doe
Billing cycle: 19th day of every month

You guys can create a nice layout for this information and then start to create the reminder emails.

One you create the basic layout then you can worry about advanced features and which features would be feasible or not. But starting with the advanced features will create a very frustrating experience.

Also, if this is a school project then I would take advantage of the fact that you have access to teachers and teaching assistants. I would talk with them and share your ideas and what you have built so far and they can give you suggestions as well.

You could also join a python specific discord or reddit group and bounce ideas off of them.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!