Need help on Magento

we have a website on Magento platform
which is I think a decent platform for e-commerce websites and many people use it. i didnt worked for it, but my friends comments on it was controversial!
here I am asking if any of you have any experience on Magento???
i was searching internet for it but there was nothing that helps me like real life experience.
i also read some articles on magento hosting options at this blog and

So I worked a little with Magento in my last job. Not much but it was a somewhat difficult expirience xD

My company was having several webshops and wanted to transition to magento. But at least for a start, it seemed not suited for non-coders. Our old system allowed developers to build a backend-platform for content-managers who could just use text-editors to design stuff. But at least at the point we were, Magento didn’t offer the same thing. I remember working like a week trying to help them make an email-newsletter in plain html because there was nothing else around. It was a pain which got abandoned after realising each email-browser might fck up the design in different ways even after trying to accomodate for that.

Maybe there are modules to fix that, maybe knowing more about it would have allowed us to do better. Again, we only had little expirience at the time.
Though also working through the code to develope a module myself was somewhat of a pain. Like, it’s supposed to be straightforward and I guess getting the basics down wasn’t that hard. And maybe the theme we bought on top of the basic-modules screwed some things over - but overall getting it to work felt really sluggish. But that might have also been my inexpirience.

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thanks for sharing ur experience
based on what you described i think we need alternate that.
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Yeah - my company wanted to use it in order to save development time by being able to buy modules. That was a month ago though, so again REALLY new to developing with it.
At the time, the senior developers were not convinced of it either. Maybe they’ll change their oppinion down the line. Hard to say, I’m no longer there xD

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wish u best in your developing path :four_leaf_clover:
Im doing a bit of research, and im going to give an update on this.