Need help on Pomodoro Clock project!

I am currently working on Pomodoro Clock project and I am sure that I am able to complete all the user stories and my code works perfectly fine in tune with the user stories. But still I am able to pass only 17/29 stories. I am getting the error 'Timer has not reached 00:00, but my timer reaches 00:00 and then only it switches to the next timer. Also I am not able to find what is wrong with the user story 8 as I have an element with id=‘time-left’ that displays the remaining time.

Here is my code pen code -->

So I need some desparate help on why these issues occur and how to resolve them.

Hoping for some help.

Hi @s.sundar_100. It seems you have fixed the problem. I have only noticed issues with beeping sound.

Hi NIbble, Yes it was a minor issue in the text inside the ‘time-left’ element and I fixed it. Thanks