Need help on Technical Doc test

my page is at :
can someone be kind let me know why it still not working ?
Got 3 errors on this one …
Thanks …

Hi Kathy,

Couple of issues.

  1. You don’t need to put your links in the navbar as a list. Your style-sheets should take care of how the links are displayed.
  2. You have an extra section “Git Cheat Sheet” in your “main-doc” that you either need to remove completely or add a link to in your navbar.

Hope that helps.

Hi ,
To remove the “Git Cheat Sheet” . It worked, but I don’t know why I am still fail 2. And I tried to remove the link but it’s still. Can you please tell me why " I don’t need to put the links in the navbar as a list".
Please. Thank you!

Sorry, I just found a small problem That I didn’t see at the “main-doc”… And I got it. Thank you for your help:star_struck:

Regarding adding the list issue, it’s just cleaner looking in your code. Ideally, you should only use lists in HTML if you are describing content. Generally speaking, links are for navigation and are not content.

Here’s a link to my pen for the same project:

Notice how much cleaner the navbar looks in HTML without the extra tags. Also if you scroll down further you’ll see I have list in the content which is actually related to the content of the page.