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I can’t seem to re-size my image using traditional CSS rules. It seems like something is overriding the image class settings? I tried a few different things and even tried changing the image size to 80px, but the size just isn’t changing.

Can someone please take a look at my code and let me know where I am going wrong. Thank you

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Hey there! I would first of all spell height correctly and then also add img to big image like so… .big-image img on your CSS file in order to target the image specifically. It should work then! :wink:

Well, you are resizing the div container but not the img tag itself. What you need to do is:

width: 100%;  /*or you pick the size you want */


.big-image img{
  width: 100%; /*or you pick the size you want */

Also, you have wrong spelling. Change hieght to height in .big-image.