Need Help regarding to using the WP-Rest-Api (Random Quote Generator)


I’m using the QuotesDesign API V4 in order to get random quotes. My code is able to get a quote from the API but fails to get a random quote with each button click.

In the QuotesDesign page, they have an example which uses the .shift() method which if I understand correctly removes the first element of an array. Shouldn’t this be responsible for getting a random quote each time? If so, what am I doing incorrectly?

Also, this CSS Tricks article they explain that using filter[orderby]=rand in the URL should get you a random quote, which I’m trying to do but doesn’t seem to work.

What’s my best course of action here? I’m not sure what I should be doing to make my code work as intended.

You need to set request with no cache. Right now it is loading the same quote over and over.

Look up how to reset cache in Ajax. There is a method that you can use before the call.

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot. Learned a new thing.

I updated the codepen and it works now :slight_smile: