Need Help Regimenting Leaning

Hello All!

First post here, but this is an incredible website and tool. It’s great that such a place exists!

My question is about how I should go about continuing my learning. I’ve gotten through what appears to be the basics of HTML and CSS. I’m now on the parts about accessibility and making your mark up work for PCs and mobile devices, alike. In getting to these parts that seem a bit more precise, I’m wondering if it makes more sense to:

  1. get through the entire curriculum to gain an overview of everything then go back and hone in on specifics, or
  2. to master each section before continuing on to the next.

Any advice or sharing of your own experience would help a ton!

Thank you!

IMHO I would say #2. But I would replace “mater” with “become familiar”.

Often I see people struggling in advanced lessons because I didn’t comprehend lessons prior. So I would say have the fundamentals down and feel somewhat comfortable with what you have learned so far with other supplements like MDN docs or simply googling.

Thank you for the advice! I think I’m going to go back through the CSS basics and mess with them in Sublime Text to get a better understanding. Figured this was the right way, but the other way made me feel like I was accomplishing a lot! Guess it’s all about the knowledge and less about seeing those green check marks in the Curriculum section.