Need help, software engineering or computer science?

I have been selected in the best university of my country and now i have to choose one field, software engineering or computer science, so i need some answers and guidance.

1.) What is the main difference between software engineering and computer science ?
2.) Which field is more vast in terms of jobs and opportunities ?
3.) Which one i should choose and why ?

  1. Software engineering is a more specialized subset of computer science.
  2. Since computer science is a broader category, you could say it has a wider job market
  3. Look at the coursework for both degrees and do the one that looks more interesting.

I suggest CS. CS will allow more malleability in your job searches early on because it will show a little bit of everything. You can just have stronger focus by choosing the jobs that interest you throughout your life. And CS will allow you to change your mind about careers without it affecting your degree.


@willybeans Thank you for your reply. You said that cs would teach me a little bit of everything, but wouldn’t it be a case of “Jack of all trades, master of none” ?
*sorry for bad English.

You can look at that in that way if you want. Or you can look at it as being more marketable for your first job in the field.

In my experience no one leaves an undergraduate degree being a master of anything.

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What do you want to do? your Dream job?

No, answering “working at Google”, or “working at Facebook” is not what I mean. What do you want to be doing?

Working with visualization (3D, graphics, VR), or working with AI/ML, or working with microcode, embedded firmware programming, dreaming of the next language, or designing compilers… or making websites?

Once you know what you want to do, then figure out what degree you need to get there.
Not the other way around.


@owel thanks for replying. I want to develop software or be a security researcher or a web developer. I am more interested in programming rather than learning about hardware or doing maths. But i also want to keep more ways open and just like @willybeans mentioned CS gives me this opportunity but also at the same time CS wouldn’t teach me programming in depth like in SE.

My 2 cents. Forget about programming languages. What’s more important is learning computational thinking. That’s what you learn in college.

I can assure you, whatever language you learn in college may not be around anymore 10, 20, 30 years down the road… or they’re not in common use anymore.

And besides, in this line of work it’s a never ending learning journey. You will pick up new languages, new technology in the next several years.

And you will also probably change careers several times in your lifetime.


@owel okay so after listening to all the suggestions from you guys i am now thinking about choosing CS. I hope i am not wrong about this.