Need help solving this js problem

Tree Constructor

Have the function TreeConstructor( strArr ) take the array of strings stored in strArr , which will contain pairs of integers in the following format: (i1,i2) , where i1 represents a child node in a tree and the second integer i2 signifies that it is the parent of i1 . For example: if strArr is ["(1,2)", “(2,4)”, “(7,2)”], then this forms the following tree:

which you can see forms a proper binary tree. Your program should, in this case, return the string true because a valid binary tree can be formed. If a proper binary tree cannot be formed with the integer pairs, then return the string false . All of the integers within the tree will be unique, which means there can only be one node in the tree with the given integer value.


Input: ["(1,2)", “(2,4)”, “(5,7)”, “(7,2)”, “(9,5)”]
Output: true

Input: ["(1,2)", “(3,2)”, “(2,12)”, “(5,2)”]
Output: false

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Input1 = ["(1,2)", "(2,4)", "(5,7)", "(7,2)", "(9,5)"];
Input2 = ["(1,2)", "(3,2)", "(2,12)", "(5,2)"];
alert("Input1 is "+validate(Input1)+"\nInput2 is "+validate(Input2));
function validate(arg){
var store=[];
var re;
	for(var i=0;i<arg.length;i++){
		if(typeof store[re[1]]=='undefined')store[re[1]]=0;		
		if(++store[re[1]]>2)return "invalade";
	function list(a,b){return [a,b];}
	return "valade";