Need help to learn Python

Hi all, I am new here and I really want to master Pyton,but I don’t know how to start.Been wasting a lot of my time referring to Youtube and end up still cannot do and understand Phyton on my own,and those long videos made me bored and easy gets me distracted all the time.I need help.

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If all you are doing is watching videos, then you will not learn the concepts.

You need to break up video content with building projects.

Start off with beginner python projects and build them on your own without a video.
If you google “python beginner projects” then you will get tons of ideas to build small beginner level projects.

Take a few of those ideas, and try to build them on your own.
That will teach you how to read error messages, and debug your code.
You will also learn how to read documentation, google for answers and ask questions when you are stuck.

Building projects on your own is the best way to learn concepts.
Just watching videos is not enough to learn something.

Hope that helps!

First, open a development program so you can write your own code, while watching the video. Then try write the presented code and experiment with it yourself. What does and doesn’t work? What if your write something seemingly wrong? Do you get an error and what does the error say?
Actively engaging with the content and playing around to see what happens is certainly much more entertaining and helpful for the learning process. Also if you run into problems, you have an actual reason to pay close attention to the video.

Then ofcourse just crank up the speed of the video. I also get super bored when watching someone talk slowly and easy-to-understand. So increasing the speed helps a lot to just skim down on the fluff.

Google has a free Python Intro course.

I still use it as a refresher every once in a while, since I don’t normally code in Python.

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