Need Help to Start; Life Restoration

Hi. I’m excited to get started. I went to a university for computer science but had to drop out because my funds were stopped. My plan was to save money and go back to finish, but life has dealt a bad hand and now I am stuck with no degree. Is getting an internship (and finding work later) the path I should take? If I knew about FCC years ago, I would of fiinished the full-stack curriculum a LONG time ago…

I started a few weeks ago on FCC and worked from the beginning all the way to the first Responsive Web Design project (which I’m stuck at and haven’t finished). I was thinking about just practicing what I learned, so far. Any tips?

I’m wondering… is it possible to learn enough to be a front-end developer in a few months or so? And while working on internships and then full-time, work on FCC for certs on full-stack to eventually become a full-stack developer (maybe another 6+ months)? Does this sound like a good plan? Is remote work available for internships? For front-end entry level?

My hobby in computer programming started when I was 13, writing programs and games with QBASIC. Then I started learning VB, C/C++ and C#. Then I went to university and learned Java, SQL, data structures and algorithms. I built a couple PCs in 2003…

I wanted to get as much advice as possible so that I can do this successfully. I never realized how important it is to network, so this will be my first time networking (for career and education). What should I do? By the way, where can I get a study group? Would anyone like to join me? I’m going to restart from the beginning again. I’m aiming to study all day everyday, for as long as it takes to finish ASAP. By the way, what’s the fastest time I could complete enough to be just a front-end developer? How about for full-stack?

Is there anyone here who could help me stay on track? Or maybe has hobby experience, like I do, and we could help each other out?

I’m from the High Desert area of Southern CA (above San Bernardino CA). And you? Basically, I would like to form a study group too…is this the right category to post in to do it?

Hi @skylerwu1981 !

Welcome to the forum!

That is one option you could do. Any type of work experience in development should be beneficial to you.

Well the projects are the best way to apply what you have learned. If you are stuck, continue to research the issue and if you are not able to fix it on your own then post a question in the forum.

Is it possible, sure.
Is it hard, yes.
Is it the norm? No

The fact of the matter is the results vary from person to person.

You can make the argument for making money on youtube.

Can you make a $100,000’s of dollars a month on youtube? Yes
Is it hard? Yes
Is it the norm? No

So getting a job comes down to a variety of factors like skill, networking, good resume, good portfolio and luck.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with creating some goal posts. But I wouldn’t create a strict timeline that can’t be adjusted. Flexibility is key.

There are plenty of job sites that offer remote work. Times are a little weird because of covid were everyone is working from home. But a lot of professionals on the forum have pointed out that getting a remote entry job can be hard because ideally companies want to monitor and assist juniors and it would be easier to do that in an office.

You can be active on the forum and answer questions.
You can write articles on tech publications.
You can contribute to open source.
You can be active on social media with other developers.
You can go to meetups.

If you search the forum, there are a lot of posts asking for study groups

Try not to focus on getting it down ASAP but rather getting it done well.
Plus as mentioned earlier, this really depends on how well you can get learn the material and how well you can present yourself to future employers.

You might be able to reach out on the discord

LA :smiley:

I would try to join one of the other groups that have been started.
This question of study groups comes up alot on the forum.
So I would suggest joining one of those groups.


I just read 2 of your FCC articles, so I’m now on this forum! well done on your projects and encouraging others.

Personally, I could do with some. I’m really struggling with understanding JS right now…

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Hi @zenidith !

It takes a while to get a handle on javascript.
It was confusing for me for a long time too :smiley:

When you get to the front end section you will get more practice building projects with html, css and javascript as well as frameworks like react.

But my suggestion for now, is to build small projects like a js image gallery, or to do list, etc.

Here are some more possible project ideas. (And this could also benefit @skylerwu1981 when you get to javascript)


Thanks so much for your reply…


Humans are bad at planning, mostly caused by too much optimism and wishful thinking. E.g. “I will learn coding for 10hrs per day for 1 year.”. No, you probably won’t. This is the planning fallacy.

To deal with planning, use Reference class forecasting. Look at other people with your background and see how long it took for them.

Also add some self-awareness:

  • Are you currently a person who can handle plans?
  • Have you been a person in the past who can handle plans?

Examples would be: Do you have a workout plan you follow through? Or a diet plan. Or a practice plan for your guitar.

If no, then don’t overestimate your skills and don’t be too over-optimistic.

So in the end I think the better question is:
Is it possible that I can learn enough to be a front-end developer in a few months and how do other similar people do perform?

Thanks for your inputs. It’s greatly appreciated. I just have to keep at it and don’t give up.