Need help understanding error messages in React project
Please help me solve this i don’t know where i am getting blocked.

In the console you will see messages indicating you need to be using the development versions (vs. the production versions) of React and ReactDOM. Replace the file endings as follows:

react.production.min.js => react.development.js
react-dom.production.min.js => react-dom.development.js

Once you do that you will see a couple errors:

  1. Make sure you are using className instead of class to reference CSS classes
  2. Your return statements need to begin with the element name on the same line as the return statement or you need to wrap them with ( and ) but still the ( must be on the same line of the return.


const TEXT = props =>{
    <div id="text"><span>''</span>{props.quote}


const TEXT = props =>{
  return <div id="text"><span>''</span>{props.quote}</div>


const TEXT = props =>{
  return (
    <div id="text"><span>''</span>{props.quote}</div>

You could also use arrow function syntax:

const TEXT = props => (
  <div id="text"><span>''</span>{props.quote}</div>

I have also updated your topic title. In the future, please use a more descriptive title instead of just posting a url. It helps others scanning through the titles to quickly know if they can help.

Thank you.

Thank you Randell Dawson.I have another query regarding the project. I have done necessary changes that you have recommended and the html is rendered. The query is the New Quote button is not working fine.I have tried using different function but still no result.Could you help me where i went wrong?

The Code link:

Thanks in advance