Need help understanding the basics

Can someone send me a link to a page where it teaches you the basic for those that completed challenge 110

Starting the project is hard.

I don’t know what to do.

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Can you tell me what the challenge is asking you to do?

Challenge 111
Build a Tribute Page

Objective: Build a app that is functionally similar to this:

Fulfill the below user stories. Use whichever libraries you need. Give it your own personal style.

User Story: I can view a tribute page with an image and text.

User Story: I can click on a link that will take me to an external website with further information on the topic.

Remember to use Read-Search-Ask if you get stuck.

When you are finished, click the “I’ve completed this challenge” button and include a link to your CodePen.

You can get feedback on your project by sharing it with your friends on Facebook.

When writing HTML codes and stuff do you guys start with your normal h1 h2 and add on div

I loved doing this one. It’s going to be a simple html page to start. Do you have a hero? Do your research on this person. That’s really the most important thing.
Why is this person important to you? What was accomplished in his life?

Have a hero image at the top, and then chart the timeline of his life.

You will need the timeline to be inside of <ul> <li> for dates and actions.

Find a special quote about that person and use <a href > to link to more information. CSS will be your friend too.

Here is a link to what I did.

I hope it helps.


You are not alone in getting a little confused on this project. Take a deep breath. Relax. This is supposed to be a little difficult (if this were easy, it would pay minimum wage.)

This is the standard advice I give for this problem:


This was a great response!

Thanks a lot. I will look into this after 2 weeks because I’m currently sitting for my finals. Thanks for your help.

What if I have more than 1 hero or people I look up to ?


Then you could make more than one page or codepen. You could save this for later and focus on the navigation or search, read, trial until you get a nav you like in the pages/sites/pen.


Good luck with finals.

Only one hero is needed for the Tribute Page. Unless they are part of a team - like Batman and Robin.
You can make as many Tribute pages as you like, but showcase only one to freeCodeCamp.

Choose someone that truly inspires you. Here’s the tribute page I finished earlier today.

I modeled the format directly from the example without looking at the examples code. I tend to do well with reverse engineering but struggle with creating layouts from scratch. Do your research first before you code, it helps to stay in focus once you get started. Anyways good luck man - you can do it.

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