Need help while creating Survey form I want my textarea to be in next line. After applying
it is not going below that line.

Use <div> tags to put elements on a new line.

I have used

tag .You can see my code.

You to style your tags using CSS. Give them width at least, padding/margin so they start to fall in line. Or use Flexbox or grid to place things.

You didn’t close your <select> tag, and you misspelt ‘label’ on your <label> tag.

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I understood the point but I want to know how to put textarea box in another line?

Make sure all your tags are closed.

I did close tag and also corrected my misspelt, but the problem is not tackled

If you want the textarea to appear below the comment label, you should use a div tag instead of a label tag.

You did not close the select tag which you have before the textarea

yeah, I got it. Thanx