Need help with a Javascript Slider

Hi guys. I found this slider:

Is there any way in which I can delete the gray bullets under the slider? I just want the user to be able to change pictures with the left and right arrow (inside the slider)

Try this:

  controlNavThumbs: true

All options this plugin accepts are:

//Default settings
$.fn.nivoSlider.defaults = {
  effect: 'random',
  slices: 15,
  boxCols: 8,
  boxRows: 4,
  animSpeed: 500,
  pauseTime: 3000,
  startSlide: 0,
  directionNav: true,
  controlNav: true,
  controlNavThumbs: false,
  pauseOnHover: true,
  manualAdvance: false,
  prevText: 'Prev',
  nextText: 'Next',
  randomStart: false,
  beforeChange: function(){},
  afterChange: function(){},
  slideshowEnd: function(){},
  lastSlide: function(){},
  afterLoad: function(){}
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Thanks man. That worked it out.

Edit: It solves the issue, but it generates a blank space which I would like to get deleted

Not sure what you mean, if it’s a blank space between the elements you can set the font-size to 0, then the space won’t show up.

Look this link:

If it doesn’t solve then please post the source code.