Need help with a personal project: Budget App


I am currently trying to figure out if and how I can put subcategories within my budget project. I am trying to get the subcategories slightly indented from the main category and that I would be able to collapse and expand the category if wanted. I am also planning on adding a function in the future that i would be able to add additional categories and/or subcategories if wanted.

Currently, I think the best way to build this budget app is through a table because how it makes everything look uniformly in place, and I am thinking to create that function in the future that would add either categories or subcategories I will have to build it in React, but if you think there is a better way I would like to hear it.

I have linked a code pen down below,

Thank you in advance,

You can do it with tables, but you won’t do yourself any favours - this is a perfect use case for CSS grid.