Need help with a Tribute page

Need help regarding my tribute page, more along the lines of what can my Tribute page be about? Is there a specific “thing” persay that I need to incorporate into this page or can it be about what I want it to be? Tia


Hi @William8 !

Your tribute page can be about anything.
As long as you pass the required tests and give it your own personal style, you get to choose the content.

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Thank you so very much @jwilkins.oboe for helping me with this so quick! I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to tackle this on my own and that it would be too overwhelming. I appreciate this camp so very much! The people are so very helpful and very extensive with their knowledge of the work we are learning.

Thank you again!

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What do I do after I’ve built my Tribute page on codepen?

You can submit your project you built on the page with the user stories:

The submission box is on the very bottom, you might have to scroll down as its kinda “hidden” under the wall of text that is the user-stories.

Also congrats on completing the first of the projects :slight_smile:

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Thank you @bradtaniguchi


If you’d like, you can open a topic in the #project-feedback subforum and ask for feedback.

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