Need help with Account Name Issue!

Hi! I need some help with my account. This isn’t an immediate issue, but I think I might lose my account if I don’t do something about it.

I created my account when you were able to create new accounts with your GitHub account. I also along the way must have accidentally created an account using the same GitHub username and password using freeCodeCamp’s normal username and password system. Whenever I login using GitHub I go to an account with all my progress, and when I log in using freeCodeCamp I go to an account with no profile picture and no progress.

I would like to delete this account and migrate my GitHub account to this one. I fear if I don’t do this soon, I might lose my progress someday. Can someone help me with the process of doing this?

If you want to keep your original account, sign in with email and delete that account. Do not associate your GitHub with a new account. If you want to keep your new account, sign in with GitHub and delete that account.