Need help with an old python script

Ich weiß es ja auch… M… M.


You have not explained what kind of help you need. Provide more details with what you are expecting the script to do vs. what it is doing currently.

It used to login into a gaming account.
Then you were able to select an account from a drop down list. Afterwards you could paste an link from the game and it would do multiple requests (threaded) to open that link.

I hope you can understand this.

You have still not explain what is happening now vs. what you expect.

It won’t open at all anymore. When I try to open it, it will close again.

I tried using an older python/windows version as well…

You should try to debug and see at what point the code is getting to until it does not perform in the way you expect. Are there any error messages being generated? You may need to add some Try...Except sections to figure this out.