Need help with budget app

I completed the budget app, its running fine in the IDE however giving one error in replit console. appreciate any help.

Thanks Randell for your reply now I understand the issues I can try to fix them.

Hi Randell’

I fixed the space characters and the category names however the error still persists.

Thanks Randell, I really appreciate your support.

The Python code appears to be running fine and outputting the expected results. However, there seems to be a failed unit test which is related to the create_spend_chart() function. The failed test indicates that the chart representation produced by the function is not as expected and there may be some issues with the spacing. You should check the implementation of the create_spend_chart() function to identify and fix the issue.

Done :fist_right: :fist_left: there an issue with the spacing and also I rounded the percentage which should not have done. :yum: thanks a lot guys

For the differences, see this diff 1. To make them easier to see, I converted all of the space characters to the character. The intended return value is on the left, and the result of your function is on the right.

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