Need help with c# building

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I have downloaded an old c# utility tool that has been updated with new source code provided with the application. However the application source code needs to be manually recompiled, rebuilt and dependency library’s referenced. I have attempted numerous times with VS however I’m not able to figure out all of the steps and functions to make the necessary changes?
Could anyone please help me out with this process?
Thanks in advance!

Hello! Welcome to the community :grin:!

You’re using Visual Studio and not VSCode, right? Depending on the project, it should work just by compiling the main project (which is usually in bold text).

Could you explain what have you done in more detail?

Hey brother!
Thanks for your reply!
I have no clue what I’m doing to be honest I’m not a coder and no experience I’m trying to learn basics from scratch
Could you please take a look into this project for me?

Hmmm, if that’s the case, have you looked at the project documentation (if it has one)? Otherwise I would start by following a tutorial :slight_smile:.

There’s no project documentation
Which tutorial are you referring too?

Take a look at this one, for instance: Build .NET applications with C# - Learn | Microsoft Docs

Basically, you create multiple projects inside a solution, select a single project to be the entry point (though this depends on the nature of the project–REST API, desktop, etc.) and link the other projects to this one. Once you are done, you build the main project and then run it.

You got me lost long time ago brother! Could you please take a look at it for me an make an attempt?

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