Need help with changing size of font and background color

Good evening. I am having issues with changing the font and background color of a list. I was able to accomplish for the header and first paragraph and then I added pictures. After the pictures I added a list and this is when I ran into issues. any help is appreciated.

  • Pets are always in our hearts. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They are the best and cheapest therapist there is.
  • They console us, even when they have eaten our shoes. They get us up and moving. They keep our darkest and most embarassing secrets.
  • They are not only our morning wake up call but our also our stranger-danger alarm. They are our best friend and best foot warmer.
  • They are our boredom buster. They are even better than a squishy stress ball. They are our movie and popcorn partners in crime.

    thank you

Do you have some code you can show, like in a Codepen?

Target the ul and make the changes (or better yet, give the ul a class and target it).

ul {
  font-family: sans-serif;
  background: green;

I tried to screen shot and it didn’t work.


You need to be more careful and thorough with your HTML, you have missing closing tags and extra tags.

Here is a pen with it cleaned up, i have also move the in-line styles to the stylesheet, you should avoid using in-line styles as much as possible.

thank you so much. I see what I did incorrectly with the lines now.

check your image with id=img-3 u did not put greater than sign which created the unusual behavior

I assume you meant to respond to the original poster and not me? In the pen i posted i did correct the missing closing angle bracket.

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sorry for the confusion bro, I dont know how I quoted you but I tried to reply on main post… sorry again. I pressed on main post reply though. I remember some one ( possibly you) was also replying while I was typing my comment. LOL