Need help with CodePen

Greetings campers!
I’ve been working on my tribute assignment and everything was working great when i’d open the html file in my browser, but when i’ve uploaded my code to codepen the jQuery gallery Fotorama that i used stopped working.
I’d really appriciate your help and thank you in advance.
Here’s the link:

first of give your style the type of style/css

and wow this is so great design, keep it up you really good

Thank you! I’ll give it a shot

yeah your inline style

I got it to work by doing the following:
Remove everything from the head except the title, add the bootstrap css and bootstrap JS using the codepen settings, and make sure jquery is loaded prior to everything else in the Javascript section. You’re having issues with the order in which your libraries are loaded. When using codepen, best to add it via the settings to avoid issues.

You also have an ‘i’ prior to your https:// for your image link. <img src="i">

Oh, the gallery works great! Thank you so much, i just have to find out how to fix my nav now lol

CodePen uses the Bootstrap v4 by default and when i changed that everything works great. Thank you campers so much!