Need help with error four in creating the a website about HTML

I’m doing the technical documentation page that is about HTML, its an FFC challenge, and I’m done with user stories I just need to fix the errors, and I need help with one of them.
Technical Documentation Page about HTML (redoing it)

This is the id you have on the section:


This is the text in the header element

Introduction to tags

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How do I fix the twelfth error? Do I need to remove the “|”?

  1. You have Documention and Documentation
href="#Conclusion of Technical Documention of HTML"
<h3>Conclusion of Technical Documentation of HTML</h3>
Conclusion of Technical Documention of HTML
  1. You have the sections twice, not sure why?

  2. Run your HTML through a validator.

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So I changed all Documention to Documentation, although the score still didn’t change. I made a typo.

the href needs to be identical to the id with just a # in front

plus, you need to read again how to create the id, they need to be the exact text with just spaces changed for underscores

Some "main-section" elements are missing the following ids (don't forget to replace spaces with underscores!) : ABOUT_HTML,CONCLUSION_OF_TECHNICAL_DOCUMENTATION_OF_HTML

I checked all the href="" elements inside the links and all of them have # inside them. Also, The text is identical to the name of the section, (The id="" next to the href="" are extra things I added so I can put effects then the links are hovered. All main section elements have the same name as whose in href="#---", yet the score isn’t changing. Also if text in href="#" were different then the title of section elements then the links wouldn’t have worked, but they do.

Running the HTML code via Validator doesn’t work, I pasted the URL and it sent me this error message IO Error : HTTP resource not retrievable. The HTTP status from the remote server was: 403.

I noticed link Conclusion of Technical Documentation of HTML doesn’t work.

You have to use the dropdown menu and change it to Text Field, then paste the code into the body element that is already there.

your links all give 404 error, please post your correct link

about the tests:
does your id attribute include spaces? than it is wrong. all spaces in the title of the section must with changed to underscores

your ids has many spaces when I was able to see your work last

I’m doing the project again.