Need help with for loops

I need someone to explain to me how for loops work with multi dimensional arrays. I dont understand how to nest for loops. It is confusing and would appreciate if someone could explain it in greater detail with me.
(sorry for bad grammar in this post, it looks like I had a stroke.)

I don’t think this challenge has anything to do with multi-dimensional arrays. Can you go into more detail about what you don’t understand?

Im sorry that was the wrong challenge, let me pull it up.

nest for loops That is the correct challenge.

Maybe it would help if the example in the instructions was a little more literal?

for (let arrIndex = 0; arrIndex < arr.length; arrIndex++) {
  const subArray = arr[arrIndex];
  for (let subArrayIndex = 0; subArrayIndex < subArray.length; subArrayIndex++) {

Hi @1stEpic_Jumper ,

Maybe this video can help in understanding multidimensional arrays and for loops.

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