Need help with Github pages

In fact I have problem with my blog and tried to solve it but I couldn’t.
So I need your help please.
Today I change my CNAME domain two times but it don’t work and the results can’t be reached “’s server DNS address could not be found.” or failed 404 not found
I tried to change some of title tags but I think I was wrong
this is my repo:
WHAT should I do?
I will be appreciated

I don’t know the exact answer to this, but I remember that when I hosted my gh-pages site at a different domain, it took about a day for the DNS changes to propagate.

If you’re confident everything is wired up correctly on the GitHub side it might be worth contacting your domain registrar or webhost for support.

Did work before you switched the CNAME?

That seems tough.

When I try to go to it tries to redirect me to but fails. When I try to lookup or on, I get nothing.

I don’t know enough to help you. While you may find someone who can help you here at the FCC forum, I might suggest going over to stack overflow - they draw from a much larger audience with a broad range of experience. I see almost 12k questions tagged “dns”. If someone doesn’t have the answer there, they’ll know where to get it.

Yesterday I sent email to the support
Yeah, It was work without problem

It’s really tough. I will ask on stack overflow.
Thanks ksjazzguitar.