Need help with how to use scaleTime on D3 Scatterplot project

Hi, back for help again, this time on the second project. The projects for this course are absolutely tearing me to shreds.

I cannot get my scales to work at all using the provided json data. I’ve tried using new Date(), d3.timeParse(), d3.timeFormat(), etc in different combinations. I’m just completely out of ideas. I’ve tried logging the data directly and it seems like all of the parsing methods just aren’t working correctly with it and I’m not sure what format I need to parse it into before I can actually use it. I tried directly just seeing what’s happening by logging everything and for some reason even when I can get the data to somewhat work and not have a problem like new Date() returning 1-1-1970, it’s still returning off years that aren’t even in the dataset like 1993.

I’ve searched around other posts here and found links to resources like the D3 Time Format but nothing I’ve read/tried from any of these sources has helped. I’m exhausted and completely out of ideas so I’d really appreciate anything, even just a starting point.

Here’s a link to the codepen:

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