Need help with image grid and navbar

Hey guys, I’ve been dabbling in webdev for a couple of weeks now. I’m made my first website and I’m almost done with it but i seem to be having a few problems.

My navbar seems to be hiding some content below it.

Tried creating an image grid with a hover effect but images wouldn’t upload so i kind left the images as is.

Here’s a link to my code:

Appreciate the help

No need to create duplicate threads. It would have been better for you to just update the other thread instead.

  1. Your inline style on the div is not using the correct syntax.

You have:
<div style="padding: left:16px">

Should be:
<div style="padding-left: 16px;">

  1. You have to push down the div because the header is using position absolute.

<div style="padding: 230px 0 0 16px;">

I would however suggest not using inline styles and to put it in the CSS file instead.

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Appreciate it! I finally got it to work man feels awesome!