Need help with JavaScript challenges

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hi there
Your co :nauseated_face: :sweat_smile:de so far

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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What is your question and what code have you tried?

I am also confused by your post.

The title of your post says you need help with javascript.
Do you need help with a javascript challenge?

But you linked the tribute page.
Do you need help with a project?

We want to help you but we need a lot more information from you. :grinning:

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i just need help in javascript

And we love to help. But we need to know on which challenge, project, topic you are having a problem and exactly what the issue is.

this challenge Find the Length of a String thank you very

Cool, thanks for that. What code have you written so far?

Hi again!

You have made a couple of posts in the forum with very little detail.

We really want to help but you have to give us more information about what is wrong.

Please share your code and describe to us what error messages you are are getting so we can assist you better.

Thanks :grinning:

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Yes, the link to the challenge is helpful but it doesn’t show us what you’ve tried - that only shows up in your browser, not ours.

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