Need help with JSON pls!

Hi all

Would like to ask for help with JSON based table creation.

Generally I would like to run a webpage which will display actual price + price movements of selected cryptocurrencies.
Website is Wordpress based with using wp_datatables plugin (json input needed)

This is how it looks now:

Need to integrate API to my JSON file.

I Don´t know how to make a cell ("price section) variable (for example live data from API)

For example This is actual Bitcoin “price” =

(to get actual price for Ethereum just change : ids=ethreum)
(to get actual price for Litecoin just change : ids=litecoin)

Here is my JSON file:

"Name": "Bitcoin",
"Ticker": "BTC",
"Price": "XXX"
"Name": "Ethereum",
"Ticker": "ETH",
"Price": "XXX"
"Name": "Litecoin",
"Ticker": "LTC",
"Price": "XXX"

I would very much appreciate if someone can explain to me how this is done, and/or please send me a link to where I could get a fundamental understanding of what seems like a very important concept.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi! I am learning Python basics from youtube and I’m just curious about What Json is, how a Json file is created and how can I use it in basic python projects(like an interactive dictionary). Please help me out or direct me to some helpful documentation or something. _/_