Need help with Managing Packages with Npm

Helllo everyone :slight_smile:
i’ve just started the Managing Packages with Npm chapter and I have some questions about submiting the solutions.
1.What am I supposed to submit ? The text ? (such as “author”: “Calin George-Adrian”, or “description”: “This is my project”) or the link to my Glitch project ?
2.What if I choose to fork the Github repository and work on that ? I need to submit the link to my forked repository ?
3. If I choose Github, should I do all the edits on my package.json ? If so, then I guess the solution to all challenges will be giving the link to my repository, right ?

Can anyone explain to me how am I supposed to resolve these challenges ?

Thanks a lot :smiley:

EDIT: Ok, I’ve noticed that the challenge requires me to enter a URL, so that cuts out the first half of question #1. But what about the rest ?

I’m pretty sure you answered all your own questions. You can also clone the repository if you are working outside of github. I think in terms of forking that you can make the changes directly on github using their text editor and then submit the url of your fork.

Thanks for help :slight_smile: I’m currently at college but I will get back to the course as soon as I get back home.