Hi, everyone,

Im currently trying to complete the “build a portfolio” challenge, and i just can’t figure out how to get the content to fit the entire width of the page. I have a feeling i need to use “background-size:cover” in my css, but can’t figure out where to put the class/id in the html code.

Also im trying to change the back-ground color but for some reason it is only changing when i adjust the browser page to a smaller width.

Here is my project, been stuck on this for at least a week

any help is much appreciated. Thanks

please who can assist me work on this
Use the jQuery addClass() function to give the classes animated and shake to all your elements with the class well. Am stocked

Hey @alat88! I took a look at your pen and it seems you’ve got your background image at full width and you have a background color set. Do you still need help?

Hi, yes im still needing help, if you open the project and you can scroll right and see theres still a small white space that hasn’t been filled, also try adjusting the width and you will see the colour of the background changes to green in the projects list but it goes back to white when its in full width

Sorry for the late reply! It looks like things are changed up in your pen but I can tell you this at least, whenever you experience that right gap issue, it’s typically caused by having a element with the class row on it without wrapping it in an element with the class container on it. Apparently that’s just a rule of Bootstrap, rows must go in a container, otherwise you’ll get side margin issues.