Need help with my Jquery Quiz, getting, a cookie associated with a cross-site

When I click the button nothing happens. I’m not sure but I’m thinking that the button isn’t doing anything due to an error in console regarding cross domain requests.
If somebody could explaine or help me with this quiz I will appreciate it.

@Lelo You are trying to access a non-secure url (starts with http://) from a secure site ( Modern browsers will not allow you to do this.

Now if I run your code locally and click the button, I see a JSON object displayed in the console.

What exactly are you expecting for this code to do in general?

@RandellDawson im trying to get questions and the answers to display on the screen and answer them. If the user answer wrong, the correct answer will appear and then you go on to the next question. And know I stuck cause I don’t know really what to do.