Need Help with my Local Weather App

sometimes my location can’t be located and it just gives me the original weather of the (Shuzenji)-city and i don’t now why . would anyone help me make the App work every time.

It’s a known issue. Search the forum for more details.

what is the title of the issue

i think it has something to do with Shuzenji being the default/cached result. so if you request too often or some other event, it’ll throw this location. i believe someone has opened the issue in the FCC github

but is there a solution for it ?

You could write your own API! Or use another one. The (minor) problem is having to expose your API key.

they told us to use this API in the challenge instruction

Well I have built 2 versions. One that uses it (FCC api) and one that uses my own API. The latter is the one I will put on my portfolio.

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there is a lot API out there, which i can use… but that was not why i asked for help. the problem has not been solved, and i’d like to know why.

Like I said, search this forum. There is probably a bug reported. Remember, Read, Search, Ask.
This method of thinking is important because in a job when they are playing you, they expect you to do your own research into a problem.
And you can use any API you want to.

here’s the thread

@JohnnyBizzel yeah i thought about using another API but the key is a problem. i could use a backend but kinda odd to have a backend just to store secrets

Most APIs allow 1000 hits per day. For this sort of project I don’t think you will get anywhere near that number. It’s your call.
I had to modify my original project because the API I was using (a wrapper service) stopped working. These things happen when you are using public apis.