Need help with my Portfolio Website

I need help with the icons section of my portfolio website. These issues have me stumped:

  1. For some reason the back arrow doesn’t work
  2. The Sass icon is spaced further away from the others and I can’t figure out why
  3. The 3rd mouse scroll option is acting weird

Can’t figure out why the “Hello” appears in a different font when put in Codepen, but you can ignore that. I think some things look a little off because I still need to make everything responsive when the screen shrinks down

A good place to start looking is in the console to see if there are any JS errors. There is one:

“Uncaught ReferenceError: backtBtn is not defined”

Look closely at how backBtn is spelled in the error message and in your code.

Is there a reason you have four icons in one div and two icons in another?

Thank you, I should have caught that.

I initially wanted to have 3 icons showing then 3 hidden, but 3 showing didn’t look as good as having 4. So I changed it to have 4 showing but for some reason the Sass spacing changed

Figured it out. Needed to change the css to this:

.gallery div{
    width: 100%; 
    display: flex; 
    padding: 10px;
    flex: none;  

Are you talking about the big yellow circle above the carousel of icons? That section looks black, not blue to me.

Anyhoo, yes, I was able to keep the circle from overlapping the section below it by adding one CSS property. I don’t want to ruin all the fun by just telling you though. I will say that the property I added was not to the circle, but to the section below it. It’s all relative.

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Ahhhh I see, you added the position: absolute to the .Skills section

It’s meant to be a navy blue, may look close to black if the brightness on your screen is low.

Thanks for all the help!

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