Need help with nutrition label step 33

I need help solving this. I tried. The instructions made almost no sense to me.




It would be easier to help, if you could post your code.
Click on the </> icon (or type CTRL+e) and then paste your whole code where indicated.

If you’re stuck on a particular challenge, the easiest way to get help is to click on the help icon in the challenge (which appears after you have submitted incorrect code three times).
This will give us a direct link to the challenge, and your code and allow you to describe the issue you’re having more clearly too.

Nutrition Facts

Below your .small-text element, create a new p element with the text Calories . Also below the .left-container element, create a new span element with the text 230 .

You’ve added the <p> element correctly.
The <span> element should go below the .left-container element. This means it must come after the closing tag of the element, otherwise it’s inside the element.

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