Need help with opinion of site

My opinion of my sites change from time to time but i think this site looks too old. I need opinions on aesthetics of the site please.Its not responsive yet.


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Hi, is it possible to post a link to your site that is hosted by perhaps netlify or github pages? Or if it’s not a lot of code then maybe jsfiddle or codepen?

Hey Armond,

nice to meet you! :wave:

You’ve posted a link to a local file on your machine and this can’t work.

You can show us your project by creating a new project on codepen.

Looking forward to seeing it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, I accidentally put my local file.I posted the website on github.

Sorry, I accidentally put my local file.I posted the website on github. Here the link

I think you have a good start.


  1. The squares that house your links are a cool idea. I would have the shop button further up or more in the center so that people can quickly go to the page that they’re looking forward to the most.


  1. I would say instead of having a span that says “Shop” maybe have an h2 and adjust the font size to what you want.
  2. Better align the Wig description cards. I see them at different heights and the third is on top of the “Shop” span. Try out Flexbox.
  3. Maybe move over the shopping cart indicator because I personally don’t like how one of the panels goes through it. I think it would be best if it can be seen without disruption.


  1. I would center the submit button on your contact form.
  2. Maybe center the entire form or add something the left of the form so that there isn’t much empty space.

Overall Opinions

  1. Maybe make your footer bigger so that we can see the links better, along with changing the color and size of the font of the links.
  2. The home buttons on your shop page and contact page don’t work.
  3. I like the panels that you have. Maybe find a way to make them more even across the page.
  4. Play with different fonts. Browse Google fonts for some ideas.

I would say take a look at other wig websites and maybe even salon websites for inspiration. Good luck! :slight_smile: