Need help with page post title sizing

Hi there, I need to reduce the size of my page title – it’s far too big on iPhone view and makes it really awkward (on Desktop it’s totally fine). So therefore need a permanent change to title sizing.

I cant attach a link because it’s wordpress i think but unsure what CSS code to us (im very new to websites)

I tried doing a h1 edit on wordpress with their built in editor features, but nothing changed. Big thanks in advance.

without code is difficult to help…

there are various solutions, maybe you could make the h1 responsive, using responsive font size, or media queries
for example, you could say font-size: max(2em, 1vh) or whatever

if i show you the inspect code that highlights the title im trying to change, will that help? thanks for your swift response!

Not really, because the best way to make something responsive depends on a lot of things.
Have you gone through the Responsive Web Design certification?