Need help with passing the test on my portfolio project

Hello, I was hoping that someone could look at my code for the portfolio project. I am not passing the test about the height of my welcome section being the height of the view port. Thank you.

Your < div > has an id = welcome-section and class = intro . Both id and class that are defined in your css have different height values.
I see the welcome-section sets height to 100vh. And the intro sets height to 650px. The id overrides the class css settings so you may want to check on that.

I have tried to set them both to the same values and it is still not passing the test.

I’m not sure why yet, but it looks like the vh units are coming out double. Setting #welcome-section to 50vh does the trick

If you hadn’t tried this, it helps to use the developer tools in your browser. With a little digging you can find all your project html nested in the Codepen html, and that’s where I was checking the height of your div and noticed that 100vh was returning double the height of the viewport for some reason. an additional 50vh over.

The other 50vh is the padding you have at the top of the intro class. Changing that causes some problems, but I hope at least this helped.

That worked thank you!