Need help with portfolio and where to to find jobs to apply to

I’ve been applying since November of last year yet haven’t gotten a single interview. It’s also become hard to even find job postings at this point. I’ve since learned Python/Django, SCSS, and SQL, and I am getting ready to build a project with those technologies
Website: Portfolio
GitHub: Lg026 · GitHub
Any help is greatly appreciated!

it seems you need to improve your website design, you can try searching for facebook groups about programming and try to team up with people then try to work on upwork, or you can try to look for agencies who are willing to hire people

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Welcome to the forum!

You have the same problem as many students that can’t get interviews coming here: There is an army of people with your skills out there now. You have to bring a lot more to the table nowadays.

One way is skill up by taking DevOps courses and learn their principles. Not to become a DevOps engineer, that’s a position for experienced IT all-rounders, but to learn how modern software is built and secured.

The new skills will help you build a complex fullstack app with lot of features (like deployed in a Docker container, or with restricted user roles for safety) to talk about in your first interview.

Good luck on your search.

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If you enjoy Python and need some fuel for project building, I recommend going down the automation script rabbit hole. There are tons of practical uses. Managing email, navigating the web/scraping data, manipulating your desktop with pyautogui. Or, get into the chatbot/LLM scene and make some interesting generative AI tools.

It kick-started my passion for building small, but fun problem-solving applications

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Hey there! Hang in there, job hunting can be tough, but you’re doing great by learning those new skills. Building a project with those technologies is an awesome idea and will really showcase your abilities. Make sure to highlight your projects on your resume and LinkedIn. Also, consider networking, attending meetups, or contributing to open-source projects. Sometimes, it’s all about who you know. Good luck, and don’t give up!

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