Need Help With Project

i need some help with this project
So im trying to make a project for a class and i wanna make it so i have multiple buttons and a link will be randomly put onto one button everytime it refreshes anyone know how to do that

Hey, @PooleGuy, I would like to help you but I need to understand the bigger picture of what you’re trying to achieve. With that said, can you share a little more insight into what the project is about? If you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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Start here and go on to finish the jQuery section. That should give you all you need to know.

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hi thanks for being willing to help. So im making a game for a class where there will be multiple buttons. One button will bring you to a picture saying you win while the others will bring you to a try again. Im having trouble finding a code that will change where the button with the you win is located within these set of buttons. (basically i need help finding a code that will move that link to the you win picture to another button every time you refresh) I hope this is could be more helpful to you

Hey, pooleGuy, before you start to look for code. It’s vital when starting any project/App/Website to understand the problem. It’s merely impossible or hard to solve a problem if you don’t understand it thoroughly.

So I suggest forget about looking for code for now, you probably looking for something having no idea exactly what you’re looking for, cause’ of not fully understanding the problem, like I’ve mentioned above.

Sit with pen and paper or whatever you use to make notes.Here’s some suggestive pointers.

Write down:

the problem then read it over and over until you fully understand what it is.

the functional requirements of the project/App/Website, meaning its features that make the project what it is.

Functional Requirements
– [Project name] should change where the button with the “you win” is located within these set of buttons.

–[Project name] should be able to move that link to the “you win” picture to another button every time you refresh

Right, now that you have a clear understanding about the scope of the project and what you want the project to achieve.Then you can go to your editor and start building out these features one by one. And going even further, these features can be broken down into smaller peices and will be much easier to solve.
Provided you’ve done that, then you can start to look for code and modify it to suit your project needs or better yet write your own code, throw yourself into the deep and struggle with it.That’s if you have no idea how to go about it. I will assume you don’t know cause’ you asked for help. If you’re having problems with a partcular
part, show us the code you wrote and we will able to help you much better.

Notice: This Approach is not set in stone, its one of the many ways you can approach a project/App/Website. Regardless of any project, it’s always better to first understand the problem then look for code or write it yourself.

Sorry to write so much, hope this helps.