Need help with Simon reset

I “finished” the game I think last week, but didn’t notice some problems and now trying to solve them. When I run the game, play few rounds, then click start again it runs game, but it’s repeating colors from last game… On reset function I added clearTimeout functions but doesn’t help.

Here is the link:

First, you need to figure out why once you get a sequence wrong, you can never advanced to the next level even after entering the correct sequence. For example, purposely get a sequence wrong on round 2 or 3 and then try to enter the correct sequence. You will see that no matter how many times you enter the correct sequence after Simon plays it for you, it will not allow you to move to the next level.

On a side note, you really need to make it clear to the user that they have clicked a button by lighting up the button and making a sound. Many times, it is know for sure if I clicked a button or not and since their is no feedback given.

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I added bounce animation on click, but still have no idea how to reset it. Clearing timeouts doesn’t work or I’m doing it wrong…