Need help with sine operator for calculator project

Please i don’t know my sine operator is not returning the math function i passed to it in my simple calculator.

@sodiqlawal I edited your topic title. In the future, please post your project links inside the body of the topic and make sure your topic title is a brief description of what help you need.

Thank you.

Also, for simple projects like this, it would be better to use to post your code, so those helping you always can see your latest code without you having to push new changes up to a repo.

EDIT: Can you explain how to reproduce your problem by giving us an example of sequence of buttons clicked? Also, explain what should happen versus what the result is instead.

When posting questions on the forum, it is always best to give as much detail as to how to reproduce the problem.

Thank you.

After reviewing your code, the problem stems from the fact that you add an additional click event to the button with id=“sin” every time you click on the button. You don’t need an additional click event.

okay. Noted. Thanks for the notice.

okay. Iwill from now on use codepen and give more details to the problem. Thanks.

@RandellDawson Yeah. Adding another click function to the sine id was my last attempt, i have tried other ways , but was having problem. But, i will try to look over it again. Thanks.