Need help with sorting class objects

Hello, guys! So I recently started learning about python classes and objects.
My new task is to take the following list:

alist = ["four", "three", "five", "one", "two"]

And sort it according to the integer attributes assigned to each word (object) in class Numbers.

class Numbers(object):

My initial thoughts were to convert alist into corresponding integers using a for loop to create a new list that is a copy of alist - just as integers. But then that’d mean that I would need to perform the first for loop, sort the new list, then perform another for loop to convert the integers back into class objects.

I was wondering if there was a simpler way of completing this task.
I hope someone can help me and explain to me what way would work better and why!

Thank you!!

Can you alter the class Numbers? Or are you strictly using it as a reference?