Need help with survey form (Resposive)

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Can you help me with getting me survey form responsive? I can’t see it anymore (been sitting too long at my computer) and need a fresh set of eyes to check it out :smile:

I have used a grid layout for the container and added “grid-template-areas” and “grid areas” for corresponding columns. It just doesn’t seem right yet.

I know it’s not one of the requirements to pass the test but still would like to have the responsiveness work and look great. Also good for training right?

Thanks all for helping.


Update: I managed to get a working solution for this. I’ve added the viewport width to media queries for the main section. Is it good pratice to have it like this? Also is there a better solution for the media queries? The way it is now i feel like i don’t DRY (don’t repeat yourself) a lot.

When you specify max-width: 999px in your media query, that means if the browser window width is 999px or smaller, then apply the following CSS. All your other media queries specify the exact same thing for the CSS, so unless you want something to be different for screens smaller than 300px or screens between 700px and 800x (exclusive), then a single media query of max-width: 999px will suffice.

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